Friday 26 August 2016

Pork and Cider Picnic Pies

Nothing too fancy here...another couple of savoury pies to eat on the go.

I used a couple of 1lb loaf tins, a hot water crust, and a filling made from cider, pork, carrots, mushrooms and parsnips. It's simmered for a couple of hours to make it really tender, then you add a fair chunk of cornflour to thicken the fluid up. I add the vegetables in for the last half hour of the cooking, to stop them going too mushy.

I love pies like this...really practical, and a great way of using stuff up. A bit of stock, and a good slow cook, and pretty much anything tastes amazing. The combination of pork and cider is one of my favourites, and the added sweetness of the parsnips and carrots really works well.