Friday 26 August 2016

Lemon and Blueberry Fraisier Cake

I know, it can't be a Fraisier Cake, as there are no strawberries, but the principle is the same.

Everyone at work constantly chastised me for not bringing in something big and impressive, so last time it was my turn to bake (we have a's all very serious), I decided to push the boat out.

There is nothing particularly unusual have;
1) Genoise Sponge (it was a 4 egg mix) with some lemon zest added in.
2) Crème patisserie
3) A lot of blueberries
4) Some whipped double cream
5) A lemon fondant icing

For the fondant icing, I used fondant icing sugar, which is a fairly lazy way of getting a good result. I took a bit of it, mixed in some cocoa powder, and then marbled the top. The construction is the trickiest part of this (as well as a bit of kitchen organisation, as the genoise sponge uses the hob, and so does the crème pat). Cutting blueberries in half is time consuming, and the flavour was a little weak. If I were to do it again I'd be tempted to make a compote up (about 2/3rd fruit, 1/3rd sugar, boiled down a bit) and add a later into the middle to give a stronger fruit flavour.

The end result was really good...the fondant looked great, and the layers came out really well. A rare example for me of presentation over taste!