Friday 26 August 2016

Carrot Cake

Another "for the cyclists" recipe...this is probably the most popular cake you can ever make. The recipe I use is a Delia Smith one. I had a prolonged discussion in a coffee shop with the "raisins vs walnuts" argument, and there was no general consensus...this recipe uses raisins, however the one I was eating in the coffee shop had walnuts, and that was also delicious!

I particularly like this recipe as it's incredibly moist. It's in effect a drizzle cake, as a syrup of lemon and orange is added to the cake as soon as it;'s out of the oven, and then it cools in the tin, allowing the juice to be sucked back in. The only thing it isn't is that pretty, though there are rarely any complaints.

The recipe is here. Quark can be bought in most supermarkets (typically with the cheese, though I've also seen it hiding in the cream and yoghurt section...). It's "low fat", but it's definitely not healthy...