Saturday 7 May 2016

Rough-Puff Apple Tart

Yet another leftovers recipe...this one is almost meta-leftovers, as it was inspired by 2 items...some left-over apples and double cream from the apple tart (which was originally made using left-over pastry from the bakewell tart), and the left-over pastry from the Beef and Beer Plate Pie (which was made using the leftovers from the loaf pies).

Long story short, there is not much in the way of a recipe here!

I used the leftover rough-puff pastry to line a 20cm tin (there is actually even more left over, however I doubt the laminations are good, as it's been re-rolled a couple of times), and then placed the apples in, again coating them with the butter/sugar mix.
 It was baked the same way as the apple pie, however, when I made the custard I changed a couple of things;
1) Made a little more (120ml of double cream, 55g of sugar)
2) Added some vanilla pod seeds for some extra flavour

The extra custard meant that I got a cleaner top, and I think it baked better, and the vanilla seeds added a bit more flavour. The down side is that the custard took on a slightly grey colour (there is not much egg in the custard to give it a yellow colour). It tasted lovely, and I think it looked better. The rough-puff was a bit of a risk, and it did stick a little on the bottom (perhaps I should have floured the tart tray...)