Tuesday 3 May 2016

Bakewell Tart - a better attempt!

Early on in April, I managed to muck up making bakewell tart by not reading the recipe. I'm doing a day trip to Wales tomorrow, so decided to re-do it for "post-ride nutrition", and this time did it properly.

I won't bother re-typing the recipe, it's identical to the original post...the only difference is this time I baked it for the correct length of time!  Making pastry in a food processor is so much easier than doing the breadcrumb thing by hand, but it does turn you very lazy.

The recipe does make more pastry than you need, and with the cut-offs I was able to line a 20cm tin as well...that's currently sitting in the fridge, and I'll come up with something to make with it on Thursday...I like to treat opportunities like that as a chance to try new ingredients and flavours.