Thursday 14 April 2016

Cycling - another week away

I'm just about to go off on another break (so no baking for a week!)...this time to Tenerife. The cycling has been going full tilt since the last time I mentioned it, and race season is now upon us... I'll be racing every week probably from now until September/October. The next week will be lots of big, long hills, and hopefully a chance to get some more strength into my legs.

I have had my first ever win! Completely unexpected as well...I managed to get into a 2-man break with another lad, and we held off the field for 45 minutes, eventually finishing with a 50 second gap. I managed to pinch the sprint finish between us.

It's been tough to fit the training and a regular baking schedule in...I spend about 14-15 hours a week cycling (on top of a full-time job), and I try and do at least 3 bakes a week. I think I'll need to plan a little better, and also look at techniques to speed things up...I've noticed that a lot of baking time is spent waiting for stuff to cool down!