Monday 4 April 2016

Bread Rolls

Continuing the months theme of "basics done well", I decided to try another batch of bread. The core recipe is identical to the basic bloomer I did a couple of weeks ago, but I changed some of the preparation to try and get a better looking product.

First off, rather than do the normal "prove in a warm place", I made the dough up on a Friday evening, and let it prove overnight in a cold kitchen (about 12-16'C). I was slightly concerned that I was going to come down in the morning to a yeast explosion, but what I found was a bowl
 of well risen dough!

I then set about shaping the rolls... I knocked the dough down, split it into 12 equal portions by weight, then folded the dough to get a surface tension to the ball, before doing the "roll in a cupped hand" thing that you often see TV bakers doing. I only seem to be able to do that with my left hand, the right one doesn't want to do it. I find that having a small amount of flour on your hand, and none on the surface helps, as you get a recent rotation to the ball.

once they buns were shaped, I left them to prove again (once more in a cool'ish room), until they had doubled in size. After that I dampened the skin with a pastry brush, sprinkled them with flour, did a single cut across the top and put some poppy seeds in there for a bit of contrast.

They went into the oven for 18 minutes at 220'C, with about a pint of water in a tray at the bottom. The end result was a delicious bun with a good crust. Really pleased with them, as there was a good consistency across the batch, and very good texture. I had some bacon sitting around, and they went very well with that!