Monday 23 October 2017

Easy No-Bake Energy Bites

  Generally speaking, I detest "no bake" recipes...they are up there with "no sugar" recipes (which invariably have a metric tonne of sugar, just not in the granulated form...I think the record I saw was a "no bake sugar-free cake" that was in fact 35% by weight pure sugar (the rest being a mix of nuts, fat and other vaguely grim items)...

...however,I was in need of some easy-to-handle calories for a ride planned on a Sunday, and I'd been the victim of poor planning, and had nothing to hand. I had a quick look around online, and then did some adjustments based on what was sitting in the cupboard, and came up with these. I did a small batch, as you don't really want a lot of sweet, tasty carbohydrate-rich snacks lying around!

I did some maths, and if you make 9 bites from the batch they are 100-110 calories/20-22g each.  Each "bite" was about an inch across, and good for a single mouthful. This means that they are good for ride food at the rate of about 2 bites/hour.

No-Bake Energy Bites - Recipe


  • 80g rolled oats
  • 40g sultanas
  • 2g cinnamon powder
  • 1g ground nutmeg
  • ½g salt
  • 35g honey
  • 70g almond butter

1) Place all the dry ingredients (oats, sultanas, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt) in a bowl, and stir together to mix

2) Add the honey and almond butter to the bowl

3) Mix until all combined/coated, and is clumping

4) With clean hands, separate into 9 separate balls and firmly roll together

5) Wrap each ball in foil and chill overnight