Saturday 1 October 2016

MacMillan Bake Day

No recipes here (just links to them). This Friday was the Macmillan Big Coffee Day, and work did a GBBO-style content (with only a little prompting from me!)

There were 4 categories...small cakes, biscuits, savouries and layer cakes. I was going to do an entry into all 4, however I had a bit of a 'mare with my layer cake (I was going for a Fraisier Cake, however the creme patisserie was too slack, and when I took the tin off it...slopped...somewhat!)

So, my 3 entries were;

Small Cakes : Lemon Meringue Cupcakes - one of my "signature" bakes, though I think next time I want to give Banoffee Cupcakes a go instead (keep the meringue, but  use a Banana Bread base, and swap the lemon curd for a toffee sauce).

These cupcakes won a gold ribbon, and I still think they are great...nice and light, and the filling always gives a nice surprise!

Biscuits : Viennese Whirls - I think a few people had watched GBBO, as these were not the only ones to turn up! I piped the icing in rosettes around the outside, with the jam as a large dollop in the middle, so that both fillings could be seen. In retrospect I should have done cookies (I was convinced otherwise), as the judges preferred those.

Savouries : Mini Sausage Plaits - I had a lot of confidence in these...partly as people rarely think of savouries for bake sales (which is a mistake, they always sell far better), but these are fantastic, with some great flavours. I was proved right, as they started vanishing as soon as I got them out, and I had to hide some for judging. Gold ribbon, and 11 happy people (I obviously had one myself!)

So, my weakness is big cakes. Once I'm off my diet (I'm on a diet to drop a couple of kilos I put on over summer) I'll focus on doing some bigger cakes.